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What is The Competent Learner Model (CLM)?

v5BIG_IDEAs_PRINTMy mission is to bring a scientific, evidence based Best Practice service model to as many learners as possible in their schools, homes and therapy sessions. This is affordable and most possible even in areas where funding is difficult, as long as every person working with the learner is willing to learn, collaborate and think out of the box. Although I began with preparations to implement in India,  I now dream to see this model being implemented in other countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines Etc. The implementation in France, Italy, UAE and many states across USA is already underway.

Here is an introductory video about CLM (originally prepared for India)

Competent Learner Model (CLM) is based on principles of ABA, Precision Teaching, and Direct Instruction. It is written after 35 years of research by Ms Vicci Tucci BCBA and marketed by Tucci Learning Solutions Inc, California. CLM is a Best Practice model designed to empower all individuals working with learners who have difficulties. CLM products and services are available ONLY under rights of a CLM Regional Associate.

Most environments (home or school) dealing with this special population need a structured program to address all skill deficits in the learner. Every adult who is teaching the learner needs to learn how best to enhance these skills and all adults need to work consistently, and speak a common language. Assessment Tools, a sequenced curriculum, data collection tools and hands on training of staff members: these are the components required to run a program that will produce the best results.

CLM has components to match all these requirements.

Competent Learner Model (CLM) is a multi component package that addresses the individual learning needs of learners who have difficulty in participating in typical learning environments.

CLM provides accessible ‘solutions’ for the following:

  • Assessment and Program Planning for learners (CLM Placement Assessment and Competent Learner Repertoire Assessment & Curriculum),
  • Efficient Staff Training model that establishes and maintains ‘best practices’ (CLM Academy, Online Course of Study and Practical Coaching),
  • Systems for Data Collection and Progress Monitoring (Individual Learner Folder, Competent Learner Model Management & Information System).

CLM is sustainable as it builds In house capacity and reduces the dependence on external “experts”. It is a model focused on implementation and NOT consultation.

A team of Instructors can be coached simultaneously and multiple students can benefit from this model. CLM trained instructors will be proficient in Formulating, Delivering and Monitoring Instruction for learners who have difficulties in school. Successful implementation meeting the required standards can lead up to accreditation for implementation of CLM within an organization.

Many Public Schools across the state of California, Pennsylvania and Virginia have successfully adopted this model.

CLM also has a home program component that can coach parents and caregivers in the same way. Having CLM in school and home for learners brings about consistency and empowers parents to support their child under coaching supervision.

CLM builds teams and keep learners successful.

In UAE CLM is implemented successfully in a Special Needs Centre, and in Home Programs for many learners.

We are confident that this is a Best Practice Solution that is sustainable; evidence based and provides Positive Behavior Support in order to facilitate least restrictive access for learners in their environments. For the adults working with the learner it has:

Video testimonials:


CLM Success stories :

For videos and more detailed information visit www.competentlearnermodel.com



  1. Renata Correa Pereira says:

    I would love to see Brazil in the list of countries implementing CLM !?!
    Thank you for the clear and simple explanations about CLM, Nipa …. It is going to be very useful for me!
    Renata Pereira
    CLM Coach – Brazil

    • Hello Renata!
      Of course Brazil should be on the list and we already have you there as the coach! So what are you waiting for? Please use the material from this website in ways that may help you to bring CLM to Brazil. I have no doubt that you will be very successful!
      We miss you here and talk of you very often!
      Best Wishes and Much Love,

  2. Aqeela Hassan says:

    Very happy to see your efforts for special kids. I too wana do very special kids not only in my homeland but all over the world.
    wana b a part of ur team.
    Best wishes

  3. Rae-Ann Arevalo says:

    Thank you for your continued efforts with the CLM Nipa. Your website looks great. Wishing you a successful upcoming Academy training.

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