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Vocational Experience for Autism Youngster

Sam Pizza April 2013

Food is Sam’s thing! He loves to eat and he LOVES to cook. We have used cooking activities to teach Sam so many skills like enhancing his language, following instructions, basic math and science; waiting (wooaahh that was a BIG one!) and we have had so much fun doing it all. Last month when Api Cae offered to open up their doors to support Autism, my first thought was Sam!! What if he can learn cooking in a professional kitchen??!!  I asked his mom and she also had the same ideas rushing through her head!!  Now three weeks later, Sam has had three very enjoyable and successful cooking sessions at Api Cae, making pizza, pasta and cookies!!
I only want to copy paste what Janine (Sam’s Mom) had to say about her experience. First Session “ He is Loving It! He was so focused and Not stimming! Talking Non-Stop about his Pizza! It is wonderful for me to see him happy and doing something he is engaged in. Proud Mommy Indeed!” Sam Pizza1

Second Session “ Sam was so excited to be going to Api Cae! He was very focused and relaxed and all the way home he was calm and happy! He was a delight! This is so good for him! I didn’t even go in with him today he worked with Denista and followed all her instructions! He has been so calm, compliant, smiley and interactive at home today! Api Cae deserves a medal!” Sam Pizza April2013

Third Session “ Denista says “ he has improved loads! Listens to every instruction and does as he is told! He is a delight to work with!”


Thank you Api Cae! Thank you for trusting Sam with this opportunity! It is my hope that many such establishments/corporates in Abu Dhabi, will have the heart to open up such opportunities for young persons who have Autism

Sam ApiCae

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