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Early Educators: Red Flags & Supportive Action for Autism

Autism Awareness begins this year at Teddy Bear American Nursery with teachers!! It is an Ealy Years teacher’s obligation to alert parents of any red flags they see and support the child and family through the diagnostic and treatment process. Autism surfaces at an early age when the child is exposed to play, communication and interaction […]

Autism Acceptance & Support – The National April 23, 2016

Children as young as a year old being tested for autism, centre says Founder of the Autism Support Network in Abu Dhabi: Nipa Bhuptani. Delores Johnson / The National ABU DHABI // Children as young as a year old are being examined for autism as parents become more aware of the symptoms. The age of […]

Identification & Treatment of Mental Health Problems Associated with Autism

Competent Learner Model – ABA Approaches Talk at ECAE

Introduced Competent Learner Model to a wonderful audience who work directly with children with ASD in UAE using various ABA approaches. Great time sharing and Learning. Thanks Michelle Kelly, Rasha Baruni, Anita Archer.

Parent to Parents Workshop

A very Informative and Motivating Evening. Two parents showed us how they set up learning opportunities for their child within the home! They spoke about using material that their child is interested in to teach new concepts. Getting child involved in all daily activities at home, expecting them to do tasks for themselves, setting routines […]

ABA Intervention – Individual CLM Sessions – Dubai

EARLY INDIVIDUALIZED ABA INTERVENTION PROGRAM  Competent Learner Model CLM/ABA – Early Intervention Applying the Principles of ABA through the implementation of Competent Learner Model (CLM) in Dubai For more information and Appointment call : 050 7929965 Location: British Berries Nursery Dubai For any child from Birth to 5 years with delays in the areas of […]

ASN at ECAE’s First Autism Awareness Day

The last day of April was a special one! Emirates College for Advanced Education celebrated Autism Day and invited students, parents and teachers to FREE talks by ABA speakers in Abu Dhabi! It was a lovely event. We look forward to more such events! Autism Support Network – Abu Dhabi  

Autism Conference at New York University Abu Dhabi

Autism Support Network with the support of New York University in Abu Dhabi, organized an Autism Conference this April. Here are some highlights: Preparations The Untiring Logistics Team! Some of our esteemed speakers Dr Louise McHugh, Shareefa Yateem, Dr Vinita Srivastav, Khawla Barley, Linda Bailey and Nipa Bhuptani The Conference was attended by over 125 […]

Multidisciplinary Screening for ASD FREE event by ASN

Thank you to the Fabulous team of Volunteers, Consultants and Staff of Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi for the super successful Multi Disciplinary Screening Consultation Event organized by Autism Support Network – Abu Dhabi yesterday! The smiles on the faces of the families made it all worth it!

CLM/ABA Early Intervention & Inclusion Program

EARLY INDIVIDUALIZED INTERVENTION & INCLUSION PROGRAM CLM/ABA – Early Intervention & Inclusion in British Berries Nursery – Dubai For more information and Appointment call : 050 7929965 For any child from Birth to 5 years with delays in the areas of Speech, Communication, Language, Social Interaction, Play, Motor skills, Academic skills or Behavioral deficits. We […]