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Competent Learner Model – ABA Approaches Talk at ECAE

Introduced Competent Learner Model to a wonderful audience who work directly with children with ASD in UAE using various ABA approaches. Great time sharing and Learning. Thanks Michelle Kelly, Rasha Baruni, Anita Archer.

Competent Learner Model Conference – Harrisburg PA

It was an honor to attend the CLM Conference this year in person! Presentations showcased the amazing work done by CLMers in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Much Respect for Vicci Tucci, BCBA author of CLM and Cathy Scutta BCBA-D the instrumental implementer in both states! Teams from Various CLM sites  collaborated to Present on best Practice […]

ABA Intervention – Individual CLM Sessions – Dubai

EARLY INDIVIDUALIZED ABA INTERVENTION PROGRAM  Competent Learner Model CLM/ABA – Early Intervention Applying the Principles of ABA through the implementation of Competent Learner Model (CLM) in Dubai For more information and Appointment call : 050 7929965 Location: British Berries Nursery Dubai For any child from Birth to 5 years with delays in the areas of […]

What is The Competent Learner Model (CLM)?

My mission is to bring a scientific, evidence based Best Practice service model to as many learners as possible in their schools, homes and therapy sessions. This is affordable and most possible even in areas where funding is difficult, as long as every person working with the learner is willing to learn, collaborate and think […]

CLM Academy Photo Diary

CLM Academy December 2012 – Dubai CLM Academy December 2012 – Paris, France CLM Academy May 2013 – Abu Dhabi CLM Academy August 2013 – Dubai CLM Academy October 2013 – Palermo, Italy CLM Academy December 2013 – Abu Dhabi CLM Academy September 2014 – Dubai

CLM/ABA Home Based Early Intervention

CLM-Home Based Early Intervention Program This consists of three phases: • CLM Placement Assessment: Conducted in the child’s home (natural environment) by at least two members of CLM team using the CLM Placement assessment tool. This assessment will include the parents’ interview and observation of the child in his environment. This is a skill-based assessment […]

CLM Academy Palermo Italy

A very successful 5 day CLM Academy was conducted at the beautiful office of the Mayor of Palermo, Italy. This was the first training for parents, school teachers and therapists of children with Autism who are part of CLM Italy. Ms Khaty Costumati has taken the CLM Course of study and virtual coaching in preparation […]

ABA Home Therapists Job Available in UAE

If you are looking to work as Home based therapist and are willing to be trained under Board Certified Behavior Analyst to use ABA principles and ABA based curriculum then you are the person we are looking for! These positions are for UAE, (Dubai/Abu Dhabi). You could either be already living here and are available […]

CLM Author Vicci Tucci’s visit to Abu Dhabi, UAE

It was a privilege to have Ms Vicci Tucci the author of The Competent learner Model, visit and meet with all CLM staff and CLM Academy participants in Abu Dhabi. Although this was her third visit to UAE, this was the first time she had time enough to explore, study and dialogue with persons from […]

CLM Implementation Visit to MAIA Autisme in Paris, France

11–15 Dec, 2012 Upon invitation of Ms Vicci Tucci, author of the Competent Learner Model (CLM), I was at MAIA- Autisme in Paris to witness and participate in the implementation of CLM for the children with a diagnosis of Autism. I like to say it as “ To see the magic happen”! I was reminded of […]