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Tips for Parents of child with Autism/Special Needs

(Adapted from autism advocate Temple Grandin’s suggestions) Wean off the video games and other electronics, down to one hour per day. Replace the time spent on electronics with home and community activities. Figure out what he/she enjoys and follow those interests: music or art activities, cooking, fitness programs, swimming, community programs etc. Heading outside for […]

Identification & Treatment of Mental Health Problems Associated with Autism

ABA Intervention – Individual CLM Sessions – Dubai

EARLY INDIVIDUALIZED ABA INTERVENTION PROGRAM  Competent Learner Model CLM/ABA – Early Intervention Applying the Principles of ABA through the implementation of Competent Learner Model (CLM) in Dubai For more information and Appointment call : 050 7929965 Location: British Berries Nursery Dubai For any child from Birth to 5 years with delays in the areas of […]

CLM/ABA Early Intervention & Inclusion Program

EARLY INDIVIDUALIZED INTERVENTION & INCLUSION PROGRAM CLM/ABA – Early Intervention & Inclusion in British Berries Nursery – Dubai For more information and Appointment call : 050 7929965 For any child from Birth to 5 years with delays in the areas of Speech, Communication, Language, Social Interaction, Play, Motor skills, Academic skills or Behavioral deficits. We […]

ASN Founder provides helping hand in SriLanka

Autism Support Network’s founder Nipa, travelled with a team of enthusiastic volunteers comprising of a multi disciplinary team. They provided screening, consultations and trainings workshops to parents, community members & staff at the Lady Ridges Hospital, Colombo. The funds for this project were raised by parents of a child with Special Needs who reside in […]

ABA Home Therapists Job Available in UAE

If you are looking to work as Home based therapist and are willing to be trained under Board Certified Behavior Analyst to use ABA principles and ABA based curriculum then you are the person we are looking for! These positions are for UAE, (Dubai/Abu Dhabi). You could either be already living here and are available […]

Vocational Experience for Autism Youngster

Food is Sam’s thing! He loves to eat and he LOVES to cook. We have used cooking activities to teach Sam so many skills like enhancing his language, following instructions, basic math and science; waiting (wooaahh that was a BIG one!) and we have had so much fun doing it all. Last month when Api […]

Launch of Autism Support Network, Abu Dhabi

I am very happy to announce that the AUTISM SUPPORT NETWORK of ABU DHABI has been launched on 24th April, 2013! It was a lovely gathering of parents, professionals and volunteers at Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel, Abu dhabi. Every one arrived quite on time and our Super volunteers helped them with registration. They then had […]

Abu Dhabi Autism Families Picnic – FUN! FUN! FUN!

On Saturday morning I woke up at 4 am, wondering to myself  “will anyone show up at the picnic?? will the families have fun? will they talk to each other??” I asked myself “Am I doing the right thing?, This is the first time ever in Abu Dhabi that such an event is being organized […]

A Beautiful Article written by an Autism Mom

A Big Thank you to Cheairs Graves for giving her permission to share this article. This piece of writing originally appeared on the blog Redefining Typical which can be found Here The Seven Days Of Spring Break April 11, 2013 Dawson and his most awesome caregiver. Sunday was the last day of Dawson and Mae Mae’s spring break. The […]