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September Meeting – Autism Support Network

20130929_185449We met on Sept 29th after a long break at Api Cae Gourmet Cafe in Khalidiya. It was a delight to see the familiar faces of parents and we also had a few new parents!
Sharifa Yateem spoke to us about how Applied Behavior Analytic treatment programs have positive results in persons on the Autism Spectrum. More ABA info can be found here
Paula Parr spoke to us about how a speech therapist views the development of language and communication in a person with Autism or other language communication disorders.
There were eager volunteers present to offer their support and learn more.
We distributed a starter pack of information for new parents and then everyone had time to chat with the experts and with each other informally.
Our next meeting will be held in the last week of October and suggestions are welcome for the same! See you in October! Please join us on facebook.

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