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Who is Nipa Bhuptani?

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Nipa Bhuptani is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), providing Autism/ABA services in United Arab Emirates. The scope of her services pertains to training parents and teachers and providing coaching for the implementation of Best Practice Positive Behavior Support Programs for children with special educational/behavioral needs. During the twenty five years, while gaining experience at pre-school and special needs educational facilities, Nipa has been closely involved with learners with special educational and behavioral needs, their teachers and families in various settings. During this time she has designed and overseen numerous Applied Behavioral programs for students with special needs. She now works with families, educators and organisations in UAE, India and Italy. Nipa works in collaboration and under supervision of senior Behavior Analysts from USA.

20160401_100014 IMG-20160401-WA0054Nipa was recently invited as a panel speaker to United Nations for the celebration of World Autism Awareness Day 2016. She had the honor of speaking about her experience with Autism in the middle east region.

Nipa is the Regional Associate for the Competent Learner Model (CLM) for Middle East and India. CLM is a specific model that includes Teacher/Parent Training, Learner Assessment and Curriculum for learners with Autism and Developmental Disabilities. Nipa is also a Certified Coach for CLM. She has coached and supervised implementation of CLM in a centre for special needs, as its Head of its Autism Department. The facility earned CLM accreditation by Tucci Learning Solutions Inc. for full implementation in June 2010. She is very keen to implement CLM at schools, pre-schools, homes, centers for special needs, and rehabilitation/developmental clinics that support inclusion in Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Nipa provides oversight for CLM Early Intervention Program teams in UAE, these teams provide CLM intervention to children with ASD, Language & Communication Disorders, Behavioral Disorders and other Developmental Delays. Nipa provides coaching for CLM Course of Study to persons who are pursuing training in order to become certified CLM Instructors. Nipa provides School based consultation and support for learners facing difficulty in being successful at school due to any special learning or behavioral needs. 

Nipa is the founder of the Autism Support Network, Abu Dhabi, which is a platform for parents and professionals who are touched by Autism. She is involved in numerous Autism awareness & support initiatives at various levels. Here, she provides Free advice to parents regarding concerns for their children, organizes Autism awareness  events, parent training events, social events for families and fun events for children. The aim of this network is to connect families amongst each other and to professionals, whereby, creating a network of social, emotional and educational support for all.

Nipa is the Founding Director of Applied & Behavioral Training Institute, Dubai, a social enterprise for training & coaching educators, parents & caregivers of persons with Developmental Disorders. This Institute is registered under the permit of Knowledge & HUman Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai, UAE.

Nipa is in the process of completing her Masters in Special Education and is simultaneously involved in research related to Autism and ABA.

As a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst, Nipa Bhuptani is required to abide by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s Guidelines for Ethical Conduct of Behavior Analysts. The Ethical Guidelines and her certification details are available at the BACB website www.bacb.com.