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My first blog post – because you don’t have to have it all…

Over the last few weeks, my website is getting “ready” .. I have spent a lot of time getting it together but keep feeling as if its not “ready enough”.

Then I came across this quote:

You dont have to have it all to move forward quote

And of course I realize that I can always begin with what I have and it will take shape as it moves along.. I
don’t have to have it figured it all out… I can begin to move forward NOW…

So here it is…


  1. Dear Nipa, may I just say what an inspiration you are. Your work, your vision and your first blog post. This in itself is one of the most empowering things to say to any human being. I am sure that those who work with kids with special needs and autistic children would want to figure it all out, but the great thing to know is that we can move on without having it all figured out.
    Somehow, knowing this so clearly and simply stated, I sleep better tonight. Thank you for Being and for sharing your experience and knowledge. May your path be lit with eternal internal and external light always. Bahareh

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