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Launch of Autism Support Network, Abu Dhabi

Autism1I am very happy to announce that the AUTISM SUPPORT NETWORK of ABU DHABI has been launched on 24th April, 2013! It was a lovely gathering of parents, professionals and volunteers at Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel, Abu dhabi. Every one arrived quite on time and our Super volunteers helped them with registration. They then had the time to mingle for a while. We started with a game, a result of which place each member in the room next to a “NEW” person and their job was to find out more about their new friend! Suddenly the volume of chatter in the room increased so much that hotel staff had to ask us to “keep it down”! This was a great beginning!
Rekha Warrier, the co-ordinator of Genesis ( An Autism Support Organization in Dubai), spoke about how they first started and the services they are able to provide to the Autism community in Dubai. Sujatha, a parent from Dubai then said that when parents are offered the opportunity to have a support group in their community, the least they can do is to attend every meeting.. “sometimes it will not be of interest or benefit to them specifically” she said but yet everyone should attend or else the support group ceases to exist due to lack of attendance!  That was such good practical advice Sujatha!
Autism2Everyone else spoke in turns, explaining who they are and why they were there. It was very interesting to have a mix of parents with older children on the  spectrum, parents who have had a recent diagnosis, parents who are feeling overwhelmed, and those who are wanting to support others! There were teachers, a speech therapist, a doctor and even a poetess there to offer their time and support in any way they can! Thank you Bahreh, for reading a lovely poem specially written for parents of Special Needs Children! Suparna Mathur, Co-founder of Abu Dhabi Cause Connect who has been instrumental in facilitating all Autism events this April was there too!
Time ran out really quick and it was then the time for all the moms to go for a session of relaxed yoga with Sasha Quincy (www.letsgoyogame.com) who kindly volunteered her time! The Yoga was on the 19th Floor in the Spa of the Hotel with the most fascinating view of Abu Dhabi!
The ladies went home feeling relaxed as well as very elated with the experience!  Our next meeting’s agenda will be to plan and map the strengths and resources amongst us and then to prepare a calendar of events to match the needs of the families.
The beginning is very encouraging and we will keep making it better for all!
If you are touched in anyway by Autism and live in Abu Dhabi, please send an email to join the upcoming events or even just to stay in touch with the group!
Ahlan w Sahlan!


  1. Thank you for bringing us all together.
    There is a beauty in making connections and you indeed have this talent.
    I hope i am able to come to more of these gatherings and if there is an interest to do poetry therapy writing and healing sessions….where our words give voice to our feelings and thoughts….. Best to you, all the wonderful parents and all those that were there to support. Bahareh

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