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CLM/ABA Home Based Early Intervention

CLM-Home Based Early Intervention Program
This consists of three phases:
• CLM Placement Assessment: Conducted in the child’s home (natural environment) by at least two members of CLM team using the CLM Placement assessment tool. This assessment will include the parents’ interview and observation of the child in his environment. This is a skill-based assessment in order to place the child on the CLM Curriculum.
• CLM Intervention and Ongoing Consultation: Once placed on the curriculum, our team will offer CLM intervention sessions to the child in his home/school for the number of hours per week that is deemed as required by the CLM Supervising Coach. All team members have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a related field and are undergoing or have completed the CLM Instructor’s Certification Course of Study. Direct and Indirect Ongoing consultation is provided through data review, video observation and web based video conferencing with the CLM team members. A CLM Coach provides this ongoing consultation.
• Ongoing Data Review/Behavior Plans: will be provided by BCBAs or BCaBAs, data based decisions to guide the program will be made in consultation with BCBAs/BCaBAs.
• Interim Progress Review: Child’s progress on the curriculum will be reviewed via in person observation once every three months in his relevant environment (Home/school). This usually takes 2-3 hours. For fees and appointment please email nipa@nipabhuptani.com .
The availability of Home Based Intervention Program is limited and dependent upon availability of CLM Instructors. In case of non-availability of this program we recommend a Clinic Based CLM Intervention in your city.


  1. himani semwal says:

    Wonderful initiative. Do u have any specific programs for a 14 year old on the spectrum, attending mainstream school? He is polite, vocal and high functioning. Main areas of concern are social skills, language and sensory deficiencies.

  2. my son is 4 year old n i want to know more about CLM program.plz provide necessary information.

  3. Sunaina says:

    Hi nipa ma’am,do u have any aba program in Dubai ?my daughter who is 4 and half yr old is autistic.thnk u

  4. Excellent work. My 4 year old son was recently diagnosed with mild autism. His main concern is speech delay. Would you kindly provide with admission process at your center and also fees information. Do you’ll cater for home based learning as well.

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