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CLM Implementation Visit to MAIA Autisme in Paris, France

1115 Dec, 2012

Upon invitation of Ms Vicci Tucci, author of the Competent Learner Model (CLM), I was at MAIA- Autisme in Paris to witness and participate in the implementation of CLM for the children with a diagnosis of Autism. I like to say it as “ To see the magic happen”!

I was reminded of the initial CLM implementation days in Abu Dhabi. The struggles, challenges and joys for every little step moving forward looked very similar.. same questions, and apprehensions were felt. Everyone was learning similar lessons and feeling similar joy and excitement. I was transported back a few years! Thank you to Ana Bibay, BCBA, Director of IME experimental MAIA and to the staff of MAIA.

It was most amazing to feel an instant connection to the CLMers in one more part of the world!! CLM does speak one language!

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