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CLM Author Vicci Tucci’s visit to Abu Dhabi, UAE

It was a privilege to have Ms Vicci Tucci the author of The Competent learner Model, visit and meet with all CLM staff and CLM Academy participants in Abu Dhabi.

Although this was her third visit to UAE, this was the first time she had time enough to explore, study and dialogue with persons from the field of Special Education and from UAE’s culture.

She was most awed with the beauty, culture and traditions of the country, she was also most surprised at the service provision models for special needs children in UAE. She spoke about the advantages of Implementation oriented models versus the traditional “expert/consultant” model that seems to be used predominantly in UAE and other countries.



She was very impressed by the sincerity and hard work of the staff members of CLM Future Centre for Special Needs, Abu Dhabi and their administrators.


She was quite overwhelmed by the motivation and struggles of the mothers who have attended the CLM Academy in Dubai. They conveyed to her how helpful it has been to them in the programs for their children.


Dr Mowfaq Mostapha, director of Future Centre for Special Needs, Abu Dhabi was also present and spoke about the success of CLM in Future Centre in providing training to staff and services to students and  needs of programs such as CLM across UAE.



Ms Vicci Tucci said, with the appropriaViccivisit5te support and participation of  local authorities, she looks forward to many more CLM implementation sites in UAE and the gulf region.

Thank you everyone for attending and making the evening a success.


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