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CLM/ABA Early Intervention & Inclusion Program



CLM/ABA – Early Intervention & Inclusion in British Berries Nursery – Dubai

For more information and Appointment call : 050 7929965

For any child from Birth to 5 years with delays in the areas of Speech, Communication, Language, Social Interaction, Play, Motor skills, Academic skills or Behavioral deficits.

We offer  INCLUSIVE nursery intervention.



You can now send your child to British Berries Nursery with other children of the same age and also provide Intensive Intervention with Individual Support for 20 hours a week. Get them ready to be successful at mainstream education.

Who is this program for?
• Children between the ages of 2 and 5
• With language, communication and behavioral difficulties,
• Having difficulty in school or Not been accepted in school

How does it work?
• CLM Placement and Needs Screening via Interview, Observation and Documents review in a FREE Screening session.
• Maximum of 6 children with 6 instructors, 1 Supervisor and 1 caretaker in class will be provided in a one-on-one teaching setting AND planned time for small group participation.
• Assess skills using Competent Learner Repertoire Assessment Tool
• Develop learner skills through the provision of ABA based CLM Curriculum
• 20 Hours per week
• Hands on training/coaching to parents and caregivers available
• Effective teaching methods that can be used at home, in school, in community settings

Competent Learner Model (CLM) is a detailed assessment and developmentally sequenced curriculum package based on Principles of ABA, which addresses the individual learning needs of young children who have difficulty in participating in regular learning environments. www.competentlearnermodel.com
CLM is successfully implemented in USA, France, Italy and now in UAE! CLM Regional Associate Nipa Bhuptani BCaBA, who has over 20 years of experience in the field in UAE, brings this program to you.

Who will supervise?
• Well-trained CLM Certified Instructors with an education in a related field and experience of minimum of 5 years with similar children.
• A BCaBA/BCBA  to conduct Functional Behavior Assessments and provide behavior plans for a child as and when required.
• BCaBA/BCBA to monitor Effective data recording methods and instructional decisions to be guided by learner’s performance data.
• CLM Supervising Coach and Regional Associate for UAE to supervise the entire program.

Who will be your child’s Instructor?
CLM Instructor in Training with minimum of Bachelor’s degree, Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), who is directly supervised in real time by a CLM Certified Coach.

Speech Therapist with CLM Certification, using ABA methods will provide consultation for your child.


CLM program is authored and overseen by Ms Vicci Tucci BCBA, Tucci Learning Solutions Inc, California.

In case of presence of  injurious or aggressive behaviors, BCBA supervision is requested from CLM team in California for an additional consultation fee.

All Instructional decisions will be guided by learner’s performance data.

Annual Registration Fee and Term Fee is Charged.


For FREE Screening appointment please email nipa@nipabhuptani.com

SOCIAL SKILLS Groups Take place EVERY Monday for children with difficulties/deficits in Social Interaction.

SHADOW TEACHER’S TRAINING to be announced soon.


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