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Early Educators: Red Flags & Supportive Action for Autism

Autism Awareness begins this year at Teddy Bear American Nursery with teachers!! It is an Ealy Years teacher’s obligation to alert parents of any red flags they see and support the child and family through the diagnostic and treatment process. Autism surfaces at an early age when the child is exposed to play, communication and interaction […]

Abu Dhabi Community called upon to include persons with Autism

As the community prepares to mark Autism Awareness Month, we look at why integration of people with autism is vital. (Article posted in AbuDhabiWorld on March 27, 2017) When educational programme Sesame Street announced its first character with autism recently, it marked a significant step for those affected by the disability. And with World Autism Month […]

Family Friends at NYU-AD

Family Friends is a new Pilot initiative  between Autism Support Network in collaboration with NYU Abu Dhabi ! We meet with families and practice mindfulness, have fun activities for the children and build relationships through trust and sharing.     A very big Thanks to Anna Kaminski our mindfulness facilitator for the project; Bahareh Amidi led a […]

We made it in Al Watan Arabic newspaper

Emirates College for Advanced Education in collaboration with Autism Support Network, organized the third annual ABA training for parents on October 13th, 2016 in Abu Dhabi. Training was presented by Dr Michelle Kelly and Supported by Nipa Bhuptani. Over 35 parents attended and gave extremely positive feedback. We hope to continue this collaboration in providing […]

Tips for Parents of child with Autism/Special Needs

(Adapted from autism advocate Temple Grandin’s suggestions) Wean off the video games and other electronics, down to one hour per day. Replace the time spent on electronics with home and community activities. Figure out what he/she enjoys and follow those interests: music or art activities, cooking, fitness programs, swimming, community programs etc. Heading outside for […]

Autism Acceptance & Support – The National April 23, 2016

Children as young as a year old being tested for autism, centre says Founder of the Autism Support Network in Abu Dhabi: Nipa Bhuptani. Delores Johnson / The National ABU DHABI // Children as young as a year old are being examined for autism as parents become more aware of the symptoms. The age of […]

Gulf News Express writes about us

Abu Dhabi woman sheds light on autism at UN Headquarters in NY As panel speaker at the UN Observance of World Autism Awareness Day, Nipa Bhuptani highlighted challenges faced by people affected by autism.   ABU DHABI An Abu Dhabi-based Indian woman had the rare honour of speaking on autism awareness at the United Nations […]

OUR STORY – Autism Photographs Exhibit

About “Our Story”: Our Story: A celebration of life with Autism in the UAE aims to build awareness and understanding of the individuals and families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in our community. The exhibit features 10 children whose lives reflect the uniqueness, diversity, and individuality of Autism Spectrum Disorders. By highlighting the challenges […]

United Nations Observance of World Autism Awareness Day 2016

Speaking at the United Nations observance of #WAAD2016 yesterday once again confirmed to us how the challenges of persons with Autism and their families are similar all over the world and yet at the same time so different too! Seeing so many passionate people working in their communities confirms my ever held belief that Together […]

Speaking at United Nations Observance of World Autism Awareness Day WAAD2016

            Full Video of WAAD 2016 Event   My Segment on Accessible Communities starts at 1.44.35 The journey of over 20 years, my passion to change lives was shared at United Nations head office New York, for the observance of World Autism Awareness Day.   It started small, with the intention to […]