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Autism Support Network Abu Dhabi

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Autism Support Network, Abu Dhabi is a platform for parents and professionals who are touched by Autism. It was launched in April 2013, by Nipa Bhuptani keeping in mind the utmost need for Awareness, Acceptance, Support and Education surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder in UAE.

ASN’s first goal is to connect families amongst each other and to professionals whereby creating a sustainable network of support for all. Our second goal is to build capacity through training for parents & professionals in Evidence Based Practices.

ASN Abu Dhabi is involved in numerous initiatives for Awareness and Support at various levels. This network does not engage in any monetary transactions: No Fees are collected for memberships or events. ASN aims to organize an event once a month in Abu Dhabi.

Please join the Autism Support Network by filling out the form below or send an email to asnabudhabi@gmail.com

Joining this group will give you an opportunity to do something more for your child and for yourself! Instead of staying indoors and hoping for change to occur, you can now Come out and speak up for your child and bring about the change! Only you have the power to do it!

Let us form a community where everyone feels safe and accepted.


  1. Ramamani Ravi says:

    Hello to all parents out there in any part of the world,
    My son, Niranjan Ravi, now 27 has come a long way from what he was at 2 when we had no one to tell us what to do. We live to motivate every other parent to try everything with hope with their child. You could feel free to discuss anything with me, not that I have an answer to everything, but I am willing to share my experience, my mistakes and all. We live in chennai, India. I will post my blog URL for you to view. Good luck to all parents in all that they do for their child.

    • arpita19929@yahoo.co.in says:

      Hi Ramamani Ravi.

      nice to know there is someone to answer

      I need your phone no to talk freely. My name is Arpita Bhowal I have a child of 6 years with Asd

  2. Ramamani Ravi says:

    Very true that parents get isolated gradually. The child gets help and therapy and improves. But it is the parent who needs support, at least someonewithwhom we can share our joy, however small, or difficult situations with someone who can empathise.

  3. Ramamani Ravi says:

    More than a year now. How’s everything going?

  4. Debbie Burton says:

    I am looking for a full time, live in nanny to help look after a lovely 6 year old boy in Abu Dhabi with autism and ADHD. Would have needed previous experience with autistic children either as a nanny or in a school. The role would NOT involve anything other than helping with his general well being, speech and behavioural aspects. I do not need a maid – there will be NO housework involved. Can anyone help?

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