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Autism Awareness Everyday!


April 2013 has been a very successful month for Autism Awareness in Abu Dhabi! A very big Thank you to Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel and Abu Dhabi Cause Connect for making this happen! They supported us throughout the month in  meeting a twofold goal : Creating Awareness and Taking Action to better the lives of those touched by Autism.

Autism Awareness HyattHyatt Goes BlueThe hotel firstly held an awareness talk for their staff members so that they would know more about Autism and understand the need for supporting it. For the full month of April, the impressive Hyatt Capital Gate building has been lit up BLUE in support of “GO BLUE” campaign for Autism Awareness, under which, numerous iconic buildings did the same all over the world.

paintingsThrough various activities in the hotel, the staff members have raised money to buy items on a wish list for students who have Autism and are enrolled in different Special Needs Centres in Abu Dhabi. They actively sold artwork created by students of the Autism/CLM department of Future Centre for Special Needs, so that the proceeds may go towards an ART Program for them.

Picnic7The hotel staff and volunteers from Abu Dhabi Cause Connect came together to host a picnic for families of children who have Autism.

Autism2Hyatt Capital Gate also provided their premises and hospitality to launch Abu Dhabi’s first Autism Support Network! This is indeed the first time a corporate entity is involved with helping a cause such as Autism for a whole month! Mr Ashwini Kumar, general Manager of the hotel said  ” Our Support to Autism does not end in April, it will go on”! Thank you Mr Kumar, you truely do understand that Autism does not end in April, Autism requires support EVERYDAY!

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