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Autism Awareness at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

11th Dec, 2012

Film directors Hana Makki and Amal Al Agroobi have directed a short clip of a film about the lives and struggles with Autism of 2 boys and their families in UAE. This film was shown at ZU as an awareness and fund raising initiative towards the completion of the full length film “The Brain that Sings”. I was asked to speak to the students of Zayed University about Autism. My choice was to speak to the future mothers and decision makers of UAE about the action they can take towards making UAE a better place for families and persons with Autism. I suggested they choose a path that can lead them to become trained and qualified instructors for learners who have autism by taking the Competent Learner Model course of study.  Huda Al Amri, a UAE national graduate of ZU spoke about her experience as a CLM intern at Future Centre for Special Needs in Abu Dhabi. The talk was followed by a Q&A with the students where we received some excellent questions.

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