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ARTISM : Art created by persons who have Autism

Artism1Just because persons with Autism cannot communicate well, does not mean they have nothing to say! They have expressed what they want to say and how they feel through 22 paintings that will be on show starting today at the 18th floor of the Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel, Abu Dhabi. This creation is by students of the Autism Dept of The Future Centre for Special Needs, Abu Dhabi. This exhibition will run until the end of April and all the proceeds will go towards an ART program to enhance their Artistic skills. Please do come and appreciate or even buy a piece of this ART for your home or office!


  1. Communication comes in so many different colors…. doesn’t it.
    Thank you for sharing a sample of beautiful art that will be displayed. I look forward to seeing it, hearing it and hopefully to some extend understanding some of what the artists hope to portray.

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