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An Autism Poem – A Connection

A Poem – A Connection

 Today I had the pleasure of meeting or rather connecting with Bahareh, a lady who says, words come to her, they flow through her! It was such a wonderful experience meeting someone who has not been touched directly by Autism and yet feels it so closely. She talks about it in her poem as if she has lived it.. All I can do is share her poem with you and you will know, just as I did today.

Thank you Bahareh, for this poem for today’s experience with your Poetry Therapy!


A Poem about Autism By Bahareh Amidi

“How does one allow oneself to write about Autism when one is not
From what I have read, watched and seen and heard I realize that it is a state of BEING
Being here and now and Present at times with TOO many thoughts around
Being here and now and Present and with NO ONE around
There are lots of people around it seems but not even one hears the space

I am grateful for all those young ones who have made videos of their life with Autism
I am thankful for all the parents that talk about the diets and the vaccines
I know it is through educating that we start to learn and SEE and understand the unthinkable

I am not Autistic, but I have been on the bridge between mania and depression being pulled
Being pulled by the light side of me and the dark side of me
Somehow it seems autism is BEING on the bridge alone
I do not know if this is right or not
But I am only writing to say thank you for the awareness and thank you for the words that bring Autism to Life”


More poems for children with special needs written by Bahareh can be found here 




  1. Dear Nipa, the pleasure is all mine to know someone who is so knowledgable in her field. I hope to learn from you over the years. As a poet and a poetry therapist, I find it so wonderful to be able to make connections through words and also through silence. Truly, Bahareh

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