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Abu Dhabi Autism Families Picnic – FUN! FUN! FUN!

On Saturday morning I woke up at 4 am, wondering to myself  “will anyone show up at the picnic?? will the families have fun? will they talk to each other??” I asked myself “Am I doing the right thing?, This is the first time ever in Abu Dhabi that such an event is being organized to bring together families of various cultures and backgrounds who have one thing in common : AUTISM!” and immediately I knew it was going to be great.. Of Course it did!

Parents started arriving on time! They looked well prepared for a picnic! They brought food, games, mats, chairs, beach towels Etc! Hyatt Capital Gate Staff members were also there full of excitement, lots of food and games. As the parents started arriving and registering with our lovely Abu Dhabi Cause Connect Volunteers the atmosphere started to brighten up. They all started introducing themselves and their children to each other. The kids curiously visited the food tables, checked out Aunti Nana’s Fish Pinata and tried their hands at beading the colorful pasta.  The clown lady with fancy balloons was very engaging for many of the children.




We then played passing the parcel and sang some songs where everyone joined in. Lovely Ms Bahareh recited a poem for us and then we proceeded to smash the Pinata! I think everyone enjoyed that the most!

It was exciting to see many parents engage in various conversations with each other. They excitedly  suggested  names for the Support Network and for various future activities. The highlight for me was that they said they would like to have an event like this once a month! That makes me believe that the need for this initiative was certainly unquestionable.

Am already brainstorming about the next months’s event. Please feel free to post suggestions via the message box below!




  1. Hope these suggestions help:
    * Visit to Emirates Zoo Park and picnic
    * Family Movie at a mall (when its too hot outside)
    * Informal High Tea (perhaps Hyatt will oblige)

    • Thank you Razaan, These are every useful suggestions. I am sure we can organize them! Let us start looking at preparing a Calendar of Events and planning for the next three to come!

  2. Dear Nipa,
    Connections were made that will last a life time.
    Between parents, children, care givers, volunteers ….. and all.
    The beautiful connections of heart and soul that lead to Light and flight for all.
    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful gathering and thank you for allowing me to share the poem “The Angel Who Lost His Wings” I love seeing the eyes of children and adults as I recite this poem.

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