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ABA Intervention – Individual CLM Sessions – Dubai


 Competent Learner Model

CLM/ABA – Early Intervention Applying the Principles of ABA through the implementation of Competent Learner Model (CLM) in Dubai

For more information and Appointment call : 050 7929965

Location: British Berries Nursery Dubai

For any child from Birth to 5 years with delays in the areas of Speech, Communication, Language, Social Interaction, Play, Motor skills, Academic skills or Behavioral deficits.

We offer  Individual and Group intervention.

  • CLM Placement  and Needs Assessment via Interview, Observation and Documents review in first two sessions.
  • CLM Intervention and Ongoing Consultation: Once placed on the curriculum, our team will offer CLM intervention sessions to the child in the Nursery for the number of hours per week that is deemed as required by the CLM Supervising Coach.

All team members have at least a Master’s degree and rich experience along with CLM Instructor’s rigorous training.

Direct and Ongoing observation and coaching is provided by an onsite BCaBA & onsite CLM Coach, data review and video observation of home situations.

Each child’s progress file is maintained on a Cloud Based Learner Folder with access provided to parents and all team members.

CLM program is authored and overseen by Ms Vicci Tucci BCBA, Tucci Learning Solutions Inc, California.

In case of presence of  injurious or aggressive behaviors, BCBA supervision is requested from CLM team in California with additional consultation charges.

All Instructional decisions will be guided by learner’s performance data.

Annual Registration Fee and Session fee for a term is required for intervention sessions.


Meet our team in Dubai!

CLM Dubai Team

For fees and appointment please email nipa@nipabhuptani.com .

SHADOW TEACHER’S TRAINING to be announced soon.

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  1. Lorna Edralin says:

    Good morning.

    I want to know which school or institute offers a Diploma on Special Education here in the UAE?

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  2. hello,

    i just like to ask if you are still conducting seminars or training for ABA.

    thank you

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