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ABA Parent Training Series -2015

ABA Parent Workshops in Abu Dhabi – An account by Dr Michelle Kelly PhD BCBA and Autism Support Network – Abu Dhabi

Last night, we completed our 6-part series of ABA parent training workshops for parents of children with autism in the UAE. This was a wonderful collaboration between the Health and Special Education Division at Emirates College for Advanced Education (ECAE;www.ecae.ac.ae) and the Autism Support Network (ASN). Every week, we had around 30 parents attend from Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Dubai. The feedback  collected from these parents at the end of each session was extremely positive and appreciative. Here are some comments about the workshop series which were received from the parents:

• “The ABA program hosted by the Emirates College for Advanced Education and the Abu Dhabi Autism Support Network has meant a lot to me and my wife. The content covered in class has really empowered us to be better parents for our daughter. Now we have the confidence to be good parents and teach our daughter good behavior skills, whilst also providing appropriate learning opportunities in the home.”(David, father of a 2 year old girl recently diagnosed with autism)
• “Thanks for giving me a chance to attend. It was wonderful and definitely has given us lots of ideas and strategies to help our son improve his behaviors and other targeted skills.” (Father of a 5-year-old boy with autism).
• “Very useful training- gave me many ideas and strategies that I can use, made me more aware of my son’s skills and how to improve them. The trainer is very well organized, knowledgeable and answered all our questions.” (Mother of a 10-year-old boy with autism)
• “Helpful and informative and easy to follow with lots of resources to try at home.” (Dawn, mother of a 9-year-old boy with autism)
• “Absolutely benefitted at getting hands-on approach on how to better help my son at home; great to meet more parents in the same boat and share.” (Iman, mother of a 4 year old boy with autism)
• “The workshop is really great! We learned so many ideas, information and strategies on how to deal with out child. I am very lucky to be part of it.” (Christine, mother of a 8 year old boy with autism)
• “Found it very helpful with practical guidelines that we could follow at home. Very thankful for the opportunity to attend”. (Karen, mother of a 11-year old boy with autism)
• “Excellent workshop. It will be a great help for parents.” (Kalyani, mother of a 14-year old boy with autism)

Please find attached some pictures from the workshop last night- each parent consented to having their picture taken and published here.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this workshop series such a great success!

Nipa Bhuptani (ASN) and Dr. Michelle Kelly (ECAE)



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    hi please kindly inform me for any seminars ahead regarding special needs.many thanks

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    Hello ,
    Kindly inform me for the next aba workshop in abudhabi for parents . .

    Thanks alot

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