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Archives for April 2013

Launch of Autism Support Network, Abu Dhabi

I am very happy to announce that the AUTISM SUPPORT NETWORK of ABU DHABI has been launched on 24th April, 2013! It was a lovely gathering of parents, professionals and volunteers at Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel, Abu dhabi. Every one arrived quite on time and our Super volunteers helped them with registration. They then had […]

Abu Dhabi Autism Families Picnic – FUN! FUN! FUN!

On Saturday morning I woke up at 4 am, wondering to myself  “will anyone show up at the picnic?? will the families have fun? will they talk to each other??” I asked myself “Am I doing the right thing?, This is the first time ever in Abu Dhabi that such an event is being organized […]

A Beautiful Article written by an Autism Mom

A Big Thank you to Cheairs Graves for giving her permission to share this article. This piece of writing originally appeared on the blog Redefining Typical which can be found Here The Seven Days Of Spring Break April 11, 2013 Dawson and his most awesome caregiver. Sunday was the last day of Dawson and Mae Mae’s spring break. The […]


  One of the most Important things you can do as a parent or caregiver is to learn the early signs of Autism and become familiar with the typical developmental milestones that your child should be reaching. The following  “red flags” may indicate your child is at risk for an autism spectrum disorder. Please do […]

Autism Families Picnic 20th April, 2013

  All families touched by Autism are invited to a PICNIC on the Abu Dhabi, Corniche Gate Number 1, (at the end of Spinney’s Street) on 20th April at 9.30am. This event has been made possible due to the collaboration of Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel and Abu Dhabi Cause Connect. All families PLEASE take this […]

Who is likely to have Autism?

Who is likely to have Autism? Autism Spectrum Disorders occur in ALL racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. Boys are 4 times more likely to have Autism than girls.    

An Autism Poem – A Connection

A Poem – A Connection  Today I had the pleasure of meeting or rather connecting with Bahareh, a lady who says, words come to her, they flow through her! It was such a wonderful experience meeting someone who has not been touched directly by Autism and yet feels it so closely. She talks about it […]

ARTISM : Art created by persons who have Autism

Just because persons with Autism cannot communicate well, does not mean they have nothing to say! They have expressed what they want to say and how they feel through 22 paintings that will be on show starting today at the 18th floor of the Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel, Abu Dhabi. This creation is by students […]

10 things to do if you suspect your child has Developmental Delay or Autism in UAE

1. Have your child checked by a Pediatrician Inform the doctor clearly of your concerns and of any family history. If you feel that your child is not developing correctly in any area, make sure to point it out clearly. 2. Have your child’s Eyesight and Hearing tested Many a times it is one of […]

Autism Diagnoses and Treatment

When can autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) be detected? ASDs can often be detected as early as 18 months. Research shows that early intervention can greatly improve a child’s development. How can Autism be diagnosed? Presently, we don’t have a medical test that can diagnose autism. Instead, specially trained physicians and psychologists administer autism-specific behavioral evaluations. Often parents […]