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Archives for January 2013

Special Education Teacher’s Job Available in Abu Dhabi, UAE

A Special Needs Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE  is looking for a Teacher for their Autism Classroom. Ideal Candidate must have at least two years experience working with children with Special Needs. ABA training will be provided. If interested please send message using the form below.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) – Useful Videos

Here are a few videos that provide some idea of what ABA sessions look like and explain some of the ABA principles with visual and multiple examples. My views differ in a few of the things they say and do but overall they are very good examples to look at when beginning to understand ABA […]

CLM Author Vicci Tucci’s visit to Abu Dhabi, UAE

It was a privilege to have Ms Vicci Tucci the author of The Competent learner Model, visit and meet with all CLM staff and CLM Academy participants in Abu Dhabi. Although this was her third visit to UAE, this was the first time she had time enough to explore, study and dialogue with persons from […]