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Archives for December 2012

Autism Awareness at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

11th Dec, 2012 Film directors Hana Makki and Amal Al Agroobi have directed a short clip of a film about the lives and struggles with Autism of 2 boys and their families in UAE. This film was shown at ZU as an awareness and fund raising initiative towards the completion of the full length film […]

CLM Implementation Visit to MAIA Autisme in Paris, France

11–15 Dec, 2012 Upon invitation of Ms Vicci Tucci, author of the Competent Learner Model (CLM), I was at MAIA- Autisme in Paris to witness and participate in the implementation of CLM for the children with a diagnosis of Autism. I like to say it as “ To see the magic happen”! I was reminded of […]

Therapy Options for Autism/Developmental Delays in UAE – Collaborative Team Approach

I have seen time and again across many homes in UAE, that parents are spending a lot of resources in providing the gambit of services recommended for their child ( eg, ABA, Special Education, Play therapy, OT, Speech etc),but there seems to be hardly any collaboration or communication between all the adults working with the […]

Curriculum Conference and Institute @ HCT Men’s College, Dubai, UAE.

2-3 Dec, 2012 It was an opportunity to showcase the Competent Learner Model (CLM) alongside various curricula publishers from all over the world. The conference was inaugurated by Sh Nahyan Bin Mabarak Al Nahyan and addressed by very well recognized speakers from the field of curriculum and technology in education. CLM was the ONLY curriculum […]

A Skill Based Assessment for Intervention Planning – Autism/Developmental Delays

When you feel that your child is not developing correctly as compared to other children of his age, it is usually because you have observed some kind of skill deficit in your child. Research suggests that usually when a parent feels this way, they end up being correct about a discrepancy in their child’s developmental […]